Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kille Ani Aapan


  1. Raut-ji, it is a pleasure to come across your web site and your activities, and your passion for conservation of historical monuments - especially the forts. I would like to connect with you on phone or in person. Have sent you a mail. Please respond at the earliest.

    1. please send me your mail id or send test mail to get regular mails

  2. Mr. Raut, I whole heartdly agree with what you have to say in this post. Yes we need to preserve our history but the preservation efforts by the government, are doing more harm to these monuments than good. For example these so called archeological departments and government servants running these departments have no idea about the original and originally intended architecture as a result they are just plastering cement and lime on the monuments to make the monument "newer". This is a complete disaster. Please promote preservation as historical facts and not as how we interpret them today but how the monuments were meant to be. Thank you.